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                          Ningbo Gelee Science Technology Co.,LTD is one joint-Stock enterprises which applies himself to the professional development, product, sale the high-tech hardware and software products such as the CAD software, CAM plotter, cutting machine, spreading matchine and automated equipment for clothing, bag, tent and gifts ect.
                          At present, serices of productions as Gelee CAD plotting machine, Gelee High-speed cutting machine have been produced.
                          The professionals in management team have rich experiences in computer-related fields. We are a leading developer and seller of high-tech products. The spirit of the company is development high-quality products, and provide the best after-sales service. The principle of company is solid progress, continous improvement, and customer-fooused which is the productivity of science and technology to serve customers.
                          Gelee Science Technology is an expert in producing and slove the world's leading products such as industrial design of sewing production and soft material productions, production lifecycle managements and automated equipments.

                      [Contact us]
                      ADD: DuanMei Road 666 #,Buzhen,Gulin,Ningbo,China PC 315000
                      TEL: +86-(0)574-88252150 / 83080789
                      HotLine: +86-400-660-1182
                      E-mail: solon@china-gelee.com

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